Wednesday, May 05, 2010

wednesday tour

Today was very unusual because I managed to spend almost all of it in the sewing half of my workshop. I really haven't spent that much time in there recently...most of my workshop time has been spent in the stock room half, picking & packing orders and preparing stock for sale.

I found it quite hard to get started...I had a million and one things I wanted to make so narrowing it down to a manageable amount was I started by taking photos for this blog so I could clear my head a bit!

the first 2 photos are of my desk and supplies area...I want a little stool with wheels on it next time I go to Ikea!

next to the desk is my overlocker & trusty sewing machine (if I had the stool with wheels I could just scoot along to these!)

then the ironing board...complete with dangling rags which I use when ironing bondaweb...I get the glue everywhere otherwise!
On the other side of the room is my fabric area ::

and cutting table

and by the end of today it looked like this with lots of cutting out all lined up waiting to be sewn

in the farthest corner is this bike

it has just been recovered from the depths of the garage and has been cleaned up and used twice (not bad, it's only been in action since Monday!)

and through the window looking into the stock room?
well that would be a freebie or two sitting on my photo table (it's not the pinboard & drawing pins, that's just there trying to get in on the action)
I hope you enjoyed my sewing room tour ~ see you tomorrow for Freebie Day!


Lilian said...

Wow! I loved your place!

Anonymous said...

Think you have just made every reader of your blog totally jealous now!! very intrigued and excited to see what the freebie will be!? Thanks in advance,
Julie xoxo

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, what a fantastic space!

Ruby Reloved said...

What a fab place to create! Love it!

Manu said...

WOW!!! It's a paradise!!! =^__^=

Caroline and Jayne said...

I have a bike in my craft room too lol ! love your room it's so big & light and airy x
We are running a craft competition for our 2nd Birthday , Why don't you check out

araleling said...

I really love your place!! It is so awesome and look at all those colors **fainted**

Revathi said...

Wow! It's so pretty! Loved the place.

Unknown said...

I would want to lock myself in and never come is so spacious you have room to think in there unlike my craft room which is far too cramped. HAve a good day
L x

louise35flower said...

Such a huge space! you could scoot up and down all day in there!

Unknown said...

Hi!! I like so much your site.
I´ll follow you clue ;D
Kisses from Spain