Monday, May 31, 2010

thank you :-)

just a quick update on the last post....
Firstly I reported the listing to etsy (no response as yet) and I convo'd the seller with a simple message that stated my report to etsy. The seller removed the listing almost immediately and sent this response ::

You're right, I don't even remember when I did that, and I had always meant to take one myself, and just forgot. I removed it, and will retake a picture with my own stack, which honestly will look extremely similar.All I can do is apologize for being so lazy not to take my own picture.
I think I googled felt stack, and that picture came up. I used it, and like I said, just never bothered to change it. I didn't realize it was even from an Etsian, not that, that makes it right or any better. Shame on me.

later on I received this (I didn't send any reply to the previous convo)

I have removed your picture, and will delete it from my computer altogether. I actually took some quick pics of my own for now. Again I apologize, and I feel very embarrassed because of this whole thing.S.K.

I'm glad this seller could be bothered to actually take some pictures of her own FOR NOW!!!
(you can see that this sellers response actually annoyed me as much as the picture stealing!!)

I have to say I uummed and aaahed for quite some time about posting all of this, my gut feeling was to deal with this 'in house' and not blog it at all but then I decided to go with the ethos of this blog...anything that effects paper-and-string gets written about, simple as that.

I have to say (if you're still reading!) that I was so heartened by all the fab comments and private emails I received from you all, it was so great to not feel isolated and to feel the annoyance from you all on my behalf, and, more importantly, on behalf of the etsy/blog/craft community.
Thank you blog friends xxx

PS I've been busy cupcaking today and will have happy, colourful photos to share tomorrow :-)


Anonymous said...

I love the honesty of your blog and have followed the building of your business with great interest, keep up the good work!

trash said...

What a scammer! That is a crubbish response to your email and I hope the karmic gods are watching.

Anonymous said...

Well done for tackling an ugly situation. I plan to make some felt cupcakes tonight (from the pattern in 'Sew' magazine, but they look huge compared to yours!xx

Anonymous said...

I think the culprit was honest in admitting guilt and has made a good apology! said...

Lucky you got on to it quick. Laziness is all around. I guess she did make a fair apology though.

Emma said...

Shame on her indeed! But I think you dealt with it really well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah guess she made an apology but can't help but find it a tad sarcastic and blase! (maybe that's just my interpretation!)
Anyway well done for standing your ground- hope it helps other people in the same situ to confront too.
Looking forward to seeing cupcake happiness!

nocton4 said...

love and care to you xx