Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ready to sew

I know I'm not alone when I say that I've so many ideas, lists and sketches of things that I want to make, but not enough time in the day to do them.
I find they always go to the bottom of the to-do list but yesterday I decided it was time to try another idea.
It involves apples and key rings.
and apples and brooch bars.
bet you can't guess what I'm making!


Sandra said...

I know, but writing out the lists is also part of the fun ... or is that just me? LOL. Plus think all all the lovely notebooks you need to write your lists :)

maricesworld said...

I love lists, although I seem to add more than stroke off at the you've inspired me to be different and just skip to the fun/trivial projects and leave the 'important' stuff for another day....i'll rename tomorrow as ME DAY!!!! yeah!!!!

Apples look great so far, marice x

Sara M. said...

i love this!!!!
its mine....

Sara Manso