Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a hairy hurrah!

after a VERY busy 2 days at the day job I am Officially on holiday...I have to work on Saturday but I'm not back properly until next Thursday...woo-hoo! loads of days off but only 2 days of holiday used up.
Tomorrow morning I have a haircut booked at Toni & Guy ... curly hair is great at being ignored but right now mine is desperate for a cut...I love getting a new cut when it's long overdue, it feels so swishy and new...so much so I went to Boots and bought some lovely new products to look after the new 'do' (good timing because toni & guy is 3 for £10 and Umberto Giannini is 2 for £7 at the moment)

...I'll be taking some photos of Kate Humble with me as a guide ::
and hopefully it'll look just like that, but a little longer, and I'm more dark brown than blonde....but you get the idea!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Chris's face is funny in that photo, don't you think? So's Kate's!
Good luck with the new 'do'!
Ali x

ClaireP said...

As long as you don't look like chris in that photo! :P
You'll have to make sure you post a pic of the new do! I went from shoulder length back to short at the weekend :)

trash said...

Will w after shhots??e get to see the

PixieBelle said...

I love haircuts but never at someone else's hand. I taught myself to maintain my own hair so it tends to stay short most of the time as I experiment regularly and have to take it back to a pixie shape to reassess whether to grow or not to grow. Right now I'm on grow mode but already getting a little antsy with the scissors

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh how I wish I could control my curly hair! I am really sure it has a mind of its own :-)

picciolo said...

enjoy your haircut sisterini, that means we will both have new hair when we see you next week - and Holly too!! I've got one more day to go before my time off

Jak said...

I've got curly hair too and it's the bane of my life. Hope you enjoy your time off.
Jak x