Tuesday, March 23, 2010


because this is a craft blog I should really show a crafty picture, right?
so there we are, some lovely bright felt flowers that were finished late last night.
But actually there is something MUCH more exciting going on round here today ::

we're going to see COLUMBO in the theatre....and Face (A-Team) is playing Columbo!
I can't wait :-)


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Ooh I'm a wee *read BIG* bitty green with envy....Columbo and Face.
Enjoy (I'm sure you will)!
Ali x

My v word is logic, how apt!!!

trash said...

I loved Face bestest in all the world for a while. Will you be sure to tell him for me???

Diane said...

That sounds fantastic!

I too am jealous...

Francesca said...

Well...I really can't beleive to my eyes!
Your blog is wonderful!
I love all your ideas, your are very very talented!
I'm italian and I've never seen nothing like the things you do!
Thank you and sorry sorry for my english!!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

lol, I love the way you just dropped that into your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting, you're going to see The Face!!
I was getting nostalgic too, seeing the tickets.I went to many a pantomime at the Connaught when I was little!! I went to the Art college over the road too! I'm now a refugee up North, but I wish I was in Worthing now! Gonga.