Tuesday, August 04, 2009

new toy

I got a surprise new camera!

My friend went to buy this camera as a gift for his sister, but the shop only had the demo model so he haggled and got a very nice price, but the charger was missing...so he bought it, then decided that a camera with no charger was half a present, so went to another shop and got a similar camera...he knew I had mentioned needing my own camera (I normally use John's) so he asked if I wanted the bargain before taking it back to the shop...I said yes please! The charger has been purchased via eBay but there is still a little life in the battery so I took some snaps today ::
A pile of freshly made new items & old favourites
Another new idea in the prototype stage
close up ::

A funny view of my workshop because I keep thinking the picture taking button is the off button!

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Pomona said...

Your accidental pictures are a lot better than mine - it looks as if it were meant to be like that! I usually get a shoe or a grubby piece of floorboard. But what fun having a new toy!

Pomona x