Thursday, August 13, 2009


yesterday was a day full of boxes!

lots of boxy pouches :: made from fabric, stiff interlining and felt
and lots of box manoeuvring ::
remember I said I'd bought a whole new Billy shelf?
It's a bit crazy because I only wanted to buy some extra shelves... 4 spare shelves would cost £28, but a whole Billy is only £29.90!
so all the spare shelves are in my bookcases holding supplies and felt goodies...and if you look closely at the photo you will see the Billy frame creating an under the table storage area :-)


Karin said...

Those box pouches are great! said...

So cute. Love the pink polka dot one.

Pomona said...

I have some of those wicker baskets - very handy storage!

Pomona x

Trocca Tintas said...


I was seeing around and I found your blog ... I love these boxes, they are extremly cute!! Congratulations!!

Kiss ...


aida said...

i'm in love with you..ooops! with your works...:)