Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mr Site

you all I know I have a website right?
the link to it is over there ----->
I use a clever product called Mr Site to create it and have always whole heartedly recommended it to anyone who asked, it's as easy to use as listing on Etsy.
It is great :-)
and now, Mr Site thinks I am great too!
my corner of the web made it on to the sample website pages!
But that's not all ::
They've created a Craft Website section (further proof that craft is getting more and more popular) which highlights 5 different crafty websites, complete with an interview by me!
I did the interview back in February ... it certainally is a thrill to be chosen and to see my name online like that :-)
Thanks Mr. Site, you made my day :-)


Colleen said...

What an honor. I have been reading your blog for about one month now and have passed it on to several crafty friends. They LOVE it too.

I love the new split pea guy and I would love to see more office shots! :)

picciolo said...

hey well done sisterini!!! Can't wait to see you on sunday