Wednesday, May 06, 2009

tick :: tick :: tick ............

**part of a custom order I finished today**
Do weekly accounts :: tick
Re-fill etsy shop :: tick
Go for coffee and toast in the sun with my friend :: tick
Order more brooch pins :: tick
**custom order in full**
Stock up on packaging :: tick
Chase my LONG awaited button order :: tick
Get distracted and look at fabric on etsy :: tick
Sit on beach in sun and read book :: tick
make surprises for tomorrows freebie :: tick
Finish a custom order :: tick
Send my great mate Emma a BIG thank you email for my surprise package :: tick

**my surprise parcel from my bloggy friend Emma, which I love, and which surprised me, and which made me wonder about the kindness of people I have yet still to meet :-) ** one day Emma eh?**


Saskia said...

Lovely work again on your blog!!


Bagladee said...

My my Sarah you have been a busy bee!! One day we will catch up for a coffee :) glad you liked your parcel. xx

greyparrot said...

awwww what a nice surprise :) I found Emma's blog through yours, and was lucky enough to receive a handbag from her prize draw, she is super clever huh?!
I will be wearing my *I heart bagladee* badge with pride :D