Thursday, May 28, 2009

fabrics revealed

The weather has allowed for some photo taking ::
a much better photo of the fabrics I got from THE best ever Fabric shop.
This pile above may well turn into an overnight bag....or a big feather stuffed pillow
this pile of cosy brushed cottons will be PJ trousers and cosy cushions
this pile hasn't decided what it wants to be yet....but this AMAZING Donegal Tweed fabric knows it will not be tampered with too much...I plan to bind it and make an amazing blanket ::
I LOVE the grey and aqua combination ..... oh, and for those that asked the shop is here...enjoy!


Unknown said...


Marie. said...

I wish we had more fabric stores in my area, the fabric store we do have doesnt have a big selection.

The Dotty One said...

yum - these are so lovely. particularly loving the tweed - can't wait to see what it looks like after binding.
i've heard so many good reports about that shop - i really need to get my arse in gear and go there!

elsbells said...

I like Fabrics Galore too! Sometimes its a bit pot luck, but last time I got some lovely Boden fabric with tulips on.

Anonymous said...

So I suppose it was completely evil of me to hope that you were going to cut the fabric up into little pieces and make cute ornaments for my xmas tree?!?!?


I LOVE the apple fabric!

flurogoddess said...

Oh fabulous! I will have to go. After I've de-stashed a bit :-)

Apryl said...

yum! especially the apple one and the grey and aqua, fab!