Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a computery day

After a lot of forehead scrunching and indecision I have opened a wholesale shop. I couldn't decide if I should have another website based shop or open another Etsy shop. In the end I decided that another etsy shop was the way to go! If it's a success I may well open another website but for now, I am happy with etsy :-)

So far I have 12 listings and plan to add more when I can.

I have also listed some new items in my original shop and re-jigged the blog a little bit!

I think that's enough computer staring for anyone... now I've a few orders to pack, then I'm going to sit in the garden and sew for a couple of hours :-)


Gillian said...

Best of luck with the wholesale shop! Had a wander over and it looks great - you have been busy!!

pippinsequim said...

The shop looks great! Though, I noticed that one of the items says it is flowers and is actually make-your-own owl kits. :o

Good luck with the new shop! said...

Heading over now. The cupcakes look devine.