Wednesday, April 29, 2009

perfect timing

The weather here today is AMAZING, I am so lucky that it's my day off the day job!

After my daily trip to the Post Office I went for a walk along the seafront, it was so lovely I decided to have my lunch on the beach, so I nipped home, made a sandwich, grabbed a drink and a book and went to sit near the waves.



Saskia said...

Oooh...lucky you, to live near the beach and the sea!!!!


Bagladee said...

Oh I am so jealous Sarah, I wish we lived near the sea. Although small concellation is that the weather was ok here too :) xx

Jacqui said...

I love the colours in your photo's - beautiful shades of blues and browns. Absolutely gorgeous!

Indigo Blue said...

YOu lucky thing. Today I have been at work, it has been pouring with rain ALL day and my fabric was not quite wide enough for the back of my quilt! (I have sorted that out now). Good on you. I am hopeing that we can visit my sister-in-law in Seaford in August. The weather is fantastic every time we go there.

ClaireP said...

OH! I'm so jealous! we live 5 miles from the dead centre of the country :(
I'd love to walk by the sea!

Gillian said...

It looks so beautiful - I am quite jealous right now!

Izzy said...

it looks absolutely fabulous!!

i was just wondering abotu your softies. do you use brads for the ears and cheeks? i was thinking about buying some, but i want to now about the make first

Karin said...

These photos make me jealous - summer hasn't quite made it to Sweden yet! Make sure you enjoy every minute of it! :)