Monday, April 27, 2009

London in the sun

Yesterday I went to watch my brother-in-law running in the London marathon, along with my sister and niece.
We stood at mile 9 trying to spot's so hard to see one face in amongst all the runners, but he spotted us so we managed to wave!
We then walked to mile 11 to try and see him again but there were SO MANY people we couldn't get there fast enough and we missed him!
We queued for the tube and headed for Waterloo and had lunch on the embankment then we stood on the bridge and managed to spot him at mile 25!!
We managed to find him at the many people trying find the person that they knew ... huge crowds, bright bright sunshine and such a lovely atmosphere.
I had a lovely day and would thoroughly recommend a trip to see the runners :-)
This morning I got up super early to finish a special order so I could post it on time, this is the 'made' part of the order ::
and tonight? I'm having a relaxing bath and watching Ashes to Ashes with John.
But I'm sure I'll fit in some stitching too :-)


Mia Sophia said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! (opps didn't mean to rhyme!)

trash said...

Oh that Gene Hunt. He is a one, isn't he?