Monday, April 20, 2009


New ideas always come to me when I'm really busy.
This weekend I was surrounded with crafty bits, busy making more owl brooches ::
I made 3 more ::
but ideas were making my head hurt (in a nice way!) so I got out my other tray and started to sketch and chop and sew ::
So far I have finished this little cutie ::
Even her back view is kinda cute ::
Hopefully tonight I'll finish something else new :-)


claireP said...

awwww. cute litte giraffe!

Lucy Carlson said...

very cute giraffe!! Ho do you make you labels please, Sarah?
L x

Saskia said...



pad_made said...

giraffe!!! what a little cutie, i like him (her?) very much.

Jenn said...

Those owls are so sweet, love them!

greetingarts said...

Oh my goodness, such cuteness! I love love love the giraffe! Such personality with so little. Just two colors of felt and clean lines and shapes. I really love it, did you hear me squeal? :0)

illahee said...

oh, what a precious little giraffe!! adorable!

bex said...

ohh wow!! hes lovely!! well done. i made a giraffe yesterday but he was a wobbly stuffed toy one...not a cute brooch one

klaudia said...

Ohhhhhh my goodness!!!!!!!! It's fantastic!!!! I love the giraffe!!! Although tiny owls are pretty too!!!

Crafty Koala said...

Well done you. That giraffe is so cute. :-D xx

Marie. said...

Those are adorable!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh how I wish I could draw :( I've been looking on the internet lately to learn to draw cute animals - mine always end up looking like a child has drawn them :(
Love the things you make ;)
Anne x