Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hurrah for Wednesdays!

I'm back in my normal routine now... working Saturdays but having Wednesdays off, and yesterday (being Wednesday) was a pretty near perfect day off :-)

I had a lovely lazy breakfast of bacon and eggs, then spent the best part of the day making these needle cases.

I updated my folksy shop, my etsy shop AND my ebay shop because my latest felt delivery has arrived and everything is now back in stock.
I popped to the Post Office with a few orders and from there went to the end of the seafront and back (4 miles in all) walking west I wander through the streets of Worthing and look at all the lovely (and not so lovely!) houses and gardens and then on the way back home I go along the seafront. And I have Kings of Leon on my iPod. Like I said...perfect!

My evening was spent constructing mini rainbow sample packs, I even roped John in but he got bored pretty quick!

Hurrah for Wednesdays!


Jackie said...

Sarah - I love those needle cases, especially the turtle one :O)

picciolo said...

your wednesday sounds like a dream! I will email you the pic of dad but I haven't yet

Anonymous said...

Love the new needle cases! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)