Sunday, February 15, 2009


last night we had a lovely meal here to celebrate our friend's daughters 21st birthday.
of course, I had to make a badge :-)


picciolo said...

hey you, I nearly left you a comment earlier saying the same thing! Feels like I haven't spoken to you for ages! love you

Nia said...

What a fabulous badge- love the colours. The restaurant looks great too. Any one with a website featuring a choccie-covered strawberry on the homepage is fine by me! xoxo

silverpebble said...

I met up with Gina and Val on Friday and they said your blog and shop were full of lovely things and they are ladies of taste so here I am! The badge is fab and your etsy shop delicious. Love the cupcakes in previous posts too - really yummy colours. I shall be back (you're firmly in my GR list) Emma