Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kit number TWO!

I made another kit!

This one is perfect for Christmas, either to make yourselves or to give to crafty people
These Robins are quick and easy to make so I've included enough materials to make two Robins
For the moment they are only for sale on Etsy but after my next day off (Sunday) they'll be in all my shops :-)


Nia said...

Fab! And if you make a boy AND a girl.... You could end up with some little ones, too! Tee-hee!

picciolo said...

they are gorgeous!! I love them, and your photo on the front

Rachel said...

Too cute! That's going on my wish list. Too bad I didn't wait a couple more days before placing that order, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

These are SOOOOOOO cute! Kits are a fantastic idea!

Amy said...

Hi Sarah,

if you're free to create another thing into your collections, may I suggest that you come out with large tote bags? you've got a range of nice fabric there, and really wish one can turn into tote bags! looking for one..hehe...hope this can be added into your future list..loves the fabric so much!

Anonymous said...

How cute! and yes you're right they're perfect for Christmas

Kitty said...

They're gorgeous! You are so clever. x