Friday, October 10, 2008

chop chop chop

I've been busy with my scissors!

Lots of little piles of pieces ready to sew together for an order from a shop in Plymouth.


monda-loves said...

I got my copy of sew hip today and saw your little needle case in there - very cute and looks so lovely in print too. Well done you!


Ali said...

I'd popped by to say I saw you too - your lovely brand of felty goodness is so distinctive!

mollycupcakes said...

They all look so very mysterious cut out on the tray.
What will they be?
Hope you've had a lovely weekend.
Sorry it's been a while in popping lifes a little crazy right now.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Ooh, them choppings look distinctly christmassy to me ....