Thursday, October 16, 2008

routine changes

I have SO many things to blog about but no photos to accompany my ramblings!
I simply cannot get my head round the fact that by the time I get home from the Post Office, it's too dark for photos!
Autumn has just plain snuck up on me!
So it's time to shake up my routine and start taking photos BEFORE I go to work. Except I forgot to charge the batteries this morning and I only managed just one photo!
So here it is ::
a great big mountain of mini rainbows waiting to be wrapped in tissue.
I'll be back tomorrow with magazine news.


Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

Dark or not, I have to say I love pictures of stacks of felt. Maybe it's the colors, maybe it's the repetition, or maybe it's the potential... I just adore them.

I am SO weird!

Kitty said...

You could take pictures of mini rainbows in the dark, and we'd still drool! x

Anonymous said...

Forgetting about the dark evenings seems to be catching us all out at the moment :(
Beautiful stacks of gloriously soft felt though :)

Amy said...


you've misspelled the world 'changed'. :P ..still looking forward for such wonderful pictures in your blogs. they always put a smile on my face whenever i see them..

Anonymous said...

mmmm! felt rainbows! I'm going to compose a list of the colours i need and you'll be hearing from me very soon! I LOVE FELT!!!! :)