Wednesday, March 12, 2008

thank you's all round

look what Kitty did.....

she awarded me a 'you make my day award'

THANK YOU Kitty ...... I have a big grin on my face :-)

I was also in an etsy treasury the other day ::

thank you Hippyofdoom :-)
and another BIG thank you to Working Mom Knits because look what she has sent me ::
I signed up a little while ago to a PIF and this was my gift....lucky for me that I had moaned the lack of Moda fabrics round these parts because all these lovely colours are from Moda!!
So it's a BIG thank you all round !!


Kitty said...

You're very welcome - it's nice that I can give something to you for a change! Glad it gave you and grin, and thank you - you know for what.

Having been on the receiving end of a WMK parcel myself, I can vouch for their quality - she sends the most gorgeous fabric, doesn't she? Oh, and I recognise that fairy card too ;-)


Mama said...

Glad you liked it - waaaaaaayyy too many fab Moda fabrics to select from...

Note to Kitty - thought you might : )