Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm losing all track of time doing my big cupcake order. I'm on the second batch and so far I have cut them all out, put all the brads on and sewn all the buttons in place.

...I'm about half way through I think!

I also made these ::
....for a website order. It's nice to have a cute break!!


Kitty said...

Few -- that giveaway all done and dusted now? Can I come back in a comment? :-p

I shall be in the hat for the next one ;-)


picciolo said...

keep going cupcakelady!!
: )


mollycupcakes said...

Wow more cupcakes! I've never seen so many.
Well done you. I bet your fingers are sore.
But the thought of ohter people enjoying the cupcakes makes up for it.

Any news on Daisy's birthday order?
She's 2 on the 27th, so anytime before then is good.
Many thanks sweetie.
If you'd like me to email you agai with what I'm after please just let me know.


Catherine x

twiddlestix said...

Phew!! What a lot of cupcakes!! They are lookin' good.

Unknown said...

oh dear - I won again. I'm staying out of the next few giveaways...I promise :)

That little hedgehog is rather lovely, isn't he? Little cutie!!!