Thursday, March 20, 2008


Remember I learned to knit?
and remember I was knitting squares?
well look what they got turned into today ::
hahahahahahaha I LOVE him, he makes me laugh!! He wasn't supposed to, but I think he looks like a tree....well, a tree with arms !! LOL

Mr Tree+arms was having a great day, he watched me tidy my craft stuff (long overdue), he listened to me curse at the computer (I do that a lot) and then the postman came and he bought Mr Tree+arms a new friend ::

(Is it just me or does his smile look even bigger in this shot?)
Mr Tree+arms has named his friend Squashitty ::

Squashitty is made by Sara and I won him in a giveaway on her blog....isn't he great?
He even came with kisses, specially for Easter....I've had a LOT of kisses today, but no snogs Kitty ;-)
Thank you Sara, he is awesome :-)
Sara's shop will open on April 1st so be patient and you can have a Squashitty all of your own :-)


mollycupcakes said...

Very sweet.
Have a lovely Easter hun.
Looking forward to seeing the items ordered for Daisy's birthday.
It's coming around so fast now. Nearly 2 years old wow. 'm sure she'll like her cakes from you. Both my girls play with all the other ones I've bought from you. And me lol


Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Yay! It warms my heart to know that he has already made a new friend.

Kitty said...

What, no snogs? :-O The things kids ask, eh?

Squashitty is just lovely - like a little mini humpty, so sweet.

Hope you and yours are all having a very good Easter weekend. x

dottycookie said...

Oh, such cuteness! Squasitty is fab, and your tree looks very happy to have found a friend. Are they both as soft as they look?

Have a great Easter!