Saturday, September 16, 2006

And finally I am up to date!!

Big J and I went to visit my family last weekend, and they are in Devon. It is a 200 mile drive and most of it isn't on motorways but along pretty coast roads. Exhausting but well worth it! This pic is of part of my parents back garden. No matter what time of year I see their garden it looks gorgeous. This photo really doesn't do it justice!

On one of our days there we went to Dartmouth and this is a view from the castle looking back at the town. SO pretty:-)
When we got back from Devon our next door neighbours told us that there was the lowest tide ever (well until 2076!!) so we went to have a look (the sea is at the bottom of the road we live in) and the sea had almost disappeared!! We have seen it just past the pier before but this was way past the end of the pier. Even weirder is that when my sister and her niece came the day before our trip to Devon we had a picnic on the beach and sat on the lighter coloured stones and could have had our feet in the water!!

This is a photo that proves I have no self control. YUMMY American Crafts ribbon all for me....42 different ribbons that I had to bundle up nicely before I took a photo...Do you thing I'm obsessed yet??? I got this from a shop on eBay and the price was excellent so if you are in UK and can benefit from local postage check it out inspiredcards
Now this gorgeous ribbon was a present from one of my eBay customers!!! How lucky am I??? She is a marvelous customer, I feel lucky to have her. I know she pops here from time to time so a BIG THANK YOU and I'm working on the monkey design!!

When my sister was here we went to my favourite charity shop ever and I got this little bundle of cotton fabric, there is about 3 metres in total and it cost just 75p !!! I'm thinking it could turn into a skirt, a bear, a bag.....First though it must be washed as it has the unmistakable aroma of charity shop!! (I also got some buttons here but forgot to take a pic so next time....)
Now this rubbish photo is my fabric box which I have shown before with some Christmas goodies for my eBay shop. There are some there already if you want to see them in their glory!!

NOTE TO MY SISTER. If you found my blog then big hug for you and the poppet. Love you :-)

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Anonymous said...

my pincushion package just arrived am i am SO delighted!!! thank you so much!! the turtle is so creative!! and how sweet of you to include the precious frog for my son, he just LOVES it!!! (as do i) THANK YOU!! and what fun purchases!!! can't wait to see what you do with all that ribbon!! :)