Friday, September 01, 2006

a feeling of chaos

Having a blog is wonderful.
It focuses my mind on craft projects, it makes me work harder and it keeps a record for me of things I have done.
But when I am busy it is another thing for me to do and today I have a lot to do!!
BUT I'm not moaning about the blog, in fact just typing this small piece is making me feel better as I'm actually half way to crossing 'update blog' off my list!

The pictures are of the ribbons I sent out for the swap I was in. I sent out two different parcels, each had a pink selection and a blue selection and each was slightly different. I was supposed to send 5yards but I got a bit carried away!!! ah well, you never can have enough ribbon....

I cant post any more pics because Big J has our camera. He is at Goodwood Revival and I am very proud of him as his lovingly restored Saab is on show there. I am going to the show on Sunday and will take some pics to show you all how clever he is (if he will let me near the camera !!)

I have been busy crafting, but not completing things. I think that's why I feel so busy, my to do list is massive! I have made a couple of creatures out of my new book, I've started some Christmas toppers for my eBay shop, I've cut out a bag for my gorgeous niece (who is visiting next Thursday) and I have a plan for a gift for my sister too, but can't tell yet as she may read it!!

I've also been busy shopping, some fabric and ribbon from eBay (I will link you when I can show you a pic) and lots of bargain finds too from my weekend away. Big J and I went to his family in Suffolk and managed to cram in a garage sale, 2 car boot sales and an antiques fair....phew I'm glad it was a bank holiday weekend!

I don't think I have mentioned before that I also have a job. I manage a gentleman's outfitter shop and have only been there about 5 months, so that seems to take time away from crafting BUT I love my job, it's great fun and a good challenge every day. At the moment I have two days off a week, Sunday and a day in the week. I'm trying to get into a routine where I can craft and blog on one of the days off and do housework and chores on the other...Only craft always seems more important!!!

Big J just called and is on his way home so time to go.....Photos next time I promise :-)

Ps. Oh I forgot to say that I have posted a parcel to my pink and white pincushion swap partner and I hope she gets it soon. Pictures once she has received it!!


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