Saturday, September 16, 2006

putting off till tomorrow what you could do today...

I have always ALWAYS been very good at putting things off, just ask my Mum! At work I am completely different, and I get all things done exactly when they should, sometimes even earlier than I should! BUT generally I am a good put-er off-er. So yesterday, Friday, I had every intention of blogging my little heart out, but the more I thought about it the more I put it off.....the good side to that is that this happened....

All my fabric used to be hidden away in storage type furniture and now here it all is in easy veiwing mode! The shelves are very deep and the fabric is 2 and 3 piles deep ! It was a wonderful trip down memory lane, re-finding all my gorgeous fabric, I remember every bit (except one mystery piece, I can tell it came from ikea but dont have a clue when i got it!!)

My dad made the drawer about 20 years ago and it used to be under the family t.v. with the video on top of it and the blank tapes in the drawer. I love it, and now it has sewing cotton in it.
The cute mini wooden sewing box was bought by me in Hungary about 8 years ago, whilst at university (i didnt go to uni in hungary, just a week there!) and I store all the bit and pieces of my neices bears in here. When my neice was one i bought her mr and mrs bear and made them some clothes. Now, every Christmas they get some new outfits, once they got beds and duvets and beanbags!!

So as you can see my 'can't be bothered to blog friday' was highly productive!!

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