Sunday, October 23, 2016

Swap Tree

 I've had a swap re-think this year and made a Swap Tree to show off all the handmade loveliness as it gets posted to us :-)
 All the tree-making credit goes to John - I knew I wanted a tree-that-was-like-a-poster-I-can-hang-things-off...and I knew what it should look like, and then John was super smart and worked out how to make it perfectly :-)
 The background fabric is my favourite Cool Yule fabric...the tree is Apple felt, and the lengths of  mini-tree-garland work perfectly as an anchor to hang the decorations off
 The first swap decorations arrived with yesterday's post and look great on the Swap Tree :-)
Full swap details are here
and there's a photo album on our Facebook page which will have more details on the swap's progress and the decorations received

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