Friday, October 21, 2016


We no longer have our pop-up shop.
 We opened our shop space when the Custom's House opened it's doors (Easter 2015) and we stayed waaaay longer than we initially thought!  Yesterday we cleared everything out  (I say we, but mostly it was John's hard work)
We shall miss our little cave shop (the curved ceiling made us nickname it the cave) but after 18+ months we decided it was time to close the doors and move on - we've loved having a retail space,  but after we moved house last year (we used to live opposite The Customs House) we couldn't get there as often as we wanted to to keep it all clean & tidy and fully stocked up - and you know how we work - if we can't do it properly then we won't do it at all.
We want to say a BIG thank you to all our regular pop-up shop customers .  We only ever met a handful of you whilst we were there tidying/stocking up  - but those we did meet made it even more fun :-)

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