Monday, February 24, 2014

new shiny barn!!

after a mammoth effort and some extra help the painting is almost finished!
 lots of white paint has been used (John is drying these empty tubs out so he can reuse them in the garage)
 Mum & Dad came to help on Saturday and painted the toilet rooms - and mum bought cake YUMMY!
she made a great big chocolate cake but it didn't last long!! - this is the bit we saved so John and I could have a painting-break treat on the Sunday
and we definitely earned it - most of Sunday was spent rolling rolling rolling.....
all the way to the far corner
doesn't it look AMAZING!!!
it takes 72 hours to dry....just in time for the broadband men to come and install their technical stuff on Wednesday!**
*we still have more painting to do - the other toilet room needs another coat and we haven't touched the kitchen or hall yet....but that can all be done after we have moved in :-)
**we are doing a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between Worthing and Dorset, I am here sorting out orders etc as normal until we close on Wednesday/Thursday when John will be back at the barn for the installation...then it's time to PACK and MOVE!!!!...4 days is plenty of time to pack isn't it ????


Bagladee said...

Oh my gosh its sooooo exciting!!! Are you actually moving house to Dorset too, was that a really silly question to ask??? Errrmmmmm shall I go and sit in the corner :D xx

Two Wednesdays said...

Looks amazing - as does the chocolate cake. Wishing you a smooth and straightforward move.

Unknown said...

Starting to look like paper and string :)....but where are you going to sleep??!!?? Lucy

trash said...

I hope the rain and wind drop back for you as y'all move bc my little Hilltop has been battered for more days now than I can count.

Rebecca said...

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