Tuesday, February 11, 2014

exciting news *nearly*

there is exciting news to be told very soon
it is the most exciting news ever
but I am keeping quiet until it is official, because it's been *nearly* official several times over the past few weeks and I do not want to spill the beans too early!! 
nor do I want it to go on any longer because I may well explode with frustration!!
but I have been promised that Friday is the day so I am on the countdown - I'm keeping myself busy and have started to fill up our ribbon packs ...cutting and winding & cutting and winding (is it friday yet?)  cutting and winding & cutting and winding...... 2 colour ways done, only 8 more to go - that should keep me out of bean-spilling mischief for a while yet!
argh! 8 long months and I still can't tell you!!!!


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Fast forward and just pretend it's Friday!! :)

Unknown said...

Noooooo.....Friday is too far away......xx

Kay said...

Sounds exciting!!