Thursday, September 12, 2013

the story of the forward ordered ribbon ....

ordered in April :: paid for in May :: refunded in May :: order deleted :: order lost :: no one has a clue if I will get my forward order or not in June :: I give up and think order will never be delivered in August :: order delivered in September :: not the easiest way to get good stock - but get it I did, now feast your eyes upon the most gorgeous and most bargainsome ribbons for Christmas EVER!!
 there are 25 designs - all printed onto lovely cotton ribbons (15mm wide)
 you can by them in a Mix Pack - 1m of all 25 designs for just *wait for it* ....£8.25!!  I know!!
 OR if you are a sewer who needs tonnes of ribbons you can buy a whole roll for £7.25 - 25m for £7.25!  I told you it was bargainsome!
 or, you can also buy it by the metre
 but however you buy it
 you need to buy it quick
 because I don't think it will stay in the shelves very long at such great prices
 and knowing how hard it was to get the order in the first place, I'm not promising I can get anymore!!
 now go and shop
 you know you need to :-)
 quick link :: click here


Kay said...

Gorgeous, worth the ridiculous wait. I especially like the gingerbread men.

Jessie May said...

I've been putting together a little order for a few days now, pondering this ribbon and that fabric, not being able to make up my mind... so glad I waited... brilliant ribbons!

marta said...

great ribbons. marta

Carry Loves Cats said...

oh, i love the owl one. i may have to indulge in the mix pack, it sounds exciting!


anna said...

i think you are correct; i Need to shop ribbon ;)