Thursday, September 26, 2013

a 5.30am start...

...wasn't so bad! Not that I wish to do it every day mind you ;-)
I just finished everything in the nick of time to get them in the sacks with today's post! 
8 days from order to delivery - not a bad turnround on 150 embellishments!
 and we shant mention that they didn't actually order flowers.  they only actually ordered frogs, mushrooms, diggers and cupcakes.  Don't know why I made flowers.  But I noticed before sending them out so have 30 for next time.  But we won't mention that. OK?
* all of these are on their way to my regular customer in Ireland who attaches them to blinds for windows - I think I shared a link before but if you didn't see it you can click here to see it now (when the page loads click on accessories, then on children's)

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