Sunday, July 21, 2013

b&q :: sewing :: diy :: bbq

phew-ee it's been a busy Sunday!
First thing this morning we were DIY shopping at B&Q - John is renovating our bedroom (in between the hard work of cutting felt & making kits) but today we combined that with finishing off the garden
I made a lot of time to sew today - a special order needed to be finished - whilst John hung lining paper (I am so much better at sewing than hanging wallpaper, and it's best I leave the pro to it!)
once the sewing was done we went flat pack mad in the still very hot sun and built our newly purchased picnic table and put together our new BBQ
and now we are both showered and refreshed, the BBQ is cooking our tea, John has a cold beer and I have a nice chilled glass of white wine beside me and we're both sitting at the new picnic table and relaxing.
Marvellous :-)


By Neymes said...


Nilgün Komar said...

so beautiful

Jessie May said...

Your little ladybirds are the cutest!

Bernadett said...

How cute.:)

Manu said...

So cute!!!

Jessica said...

Love the ladybirds - think I too would much prefer the sewing to hanging the wall paper :-)