Wednesday, July 03, 2013

a bobbin-y tale

Whilst I was at University sewing machine bobbins became a great source of misery* .... our sewing room was full of industrial machines, rows of blue Singers and two super-fast brown Brothers, we all had our favourites but we shared them and it was first come first served.....we all paid £7 for our own bobbin case, and no one was ever allowed to loan or borrow a bobbin case, and god help you if you lost it or left it at home and had to borrow one from the sewing cupboard, never mind leaving your bobbin in the machine and walking away!!
I think I owned a grand total of 5 metal bobbins and they never ever had the colour I needed on them...and I used to get so mad with them when they ran out half way through setting a sleeve and I didn't notice!
But now,  14 years after graduating,  I have a thread stand with room for every colour of thread I use and room for me to have a matching bobbin too....and my sewing machine has a top loading bobbin with a sew through cover so I can see how full it is and it never runs out.....I can't remember the last time I got annoyed at a bobbin - I highly recommend having loads of them!

*I was doing a 3 year degree course in theatre design at a drama college so every slight annoyance was jokilngly turned into a great big drama, just so we could keep up with the actors!


Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

I love your organisation! When I have my craft room set up, I'm going to make sure I get more bobbins!! I get so annoyed when I never have the right colour on my limited set of bobbins - I think I need a thread stand like yours with a matching bobbin for every thread - perfect!
Maria xx

Anonymous said...

i love that thread stand!
on my old machine i only had about 5 metal bobbins too, and it was impossible to tell when they were going to run out so that frustration is one i know well!!
my new machine has that same top loading transparent bit AND i bought a bulk load of plastic bobbins so hurrah for an easy bobbin-life!

Kay said...

I am in love with your thread and bobbin stand. I always seem to be buying extra bobbins to get one with the colour I need because I can't bear to unravel them when they are all full.