Monday, December 17, 2012

last (handmade) orders

yesterday was my deadline for accepting anymore handmade-to-order orders and this little pile of goodies are officially the last handmades of 2012!
The shops seem to have picked back up into Christmas Mania Mode over the weekend and I am packing like mad to get everything out as fast as I can - Christmas is a week tomorrow shoppers - best get organised*!!
* I am not organised.  Our tree isn't up.  I haven't bought cards.  I haven't bought any gifts.  I haven't done special food shopping.......but I have been opening the doors on my advent calender on time & promptly  eating the chocolates, so I know exactly how many chocolates there are for me to scoff days I have left to get everything done!


wendyroomcreations said...

Those last handmade orders look lovely as always. Enjoy the Christmas break. Philippa xx

Anonymous said...

They look gorgeous! I love the owls :)

carrier bags printed said...

Kids will love The handmade work.. It may be good gift for kids.