Sunday, December 09, 2012

stock levels

the stock levels on my website go a little *wonky* over time - I have no idea how it happens I just think that the website can't add or subtract in a normal way - it would never pass a maths exam, that's for sure!
example question: you have 120 red polka dot buttons in stock, you sell 46 - how many red polka dot buttons do you have left?  my websites answer: 52 (or any other random number it can think of!)
 Some of my stock items were marked as zero even though I had some and some said I had loads when I had none at all !!!
 So I spent some time today counting and sorting and refilling existing stocks with new deliveries...the website has all the correct stock levels entered and we shall see how it goes!


Юлия said...

Very beautiful buttons!

Little Dotty Bird said...

wah! The joy of computers! Thankyou for my gift pack with my recent order...I love all the buttons! :)