Thursday, May 24, 2012

one of my favourite things

I love my teeny tiny buttons!  after my felt (of course!) they are a top seller ... and because they are dyed especially for me, to my exact dye recipe, it gives me a little buzz every time a pack is sold .... and when I'm running low it's never a chore to sit for an hour or two and count, count, count until lots more packs are packed!
so imagine my joy today when one of my bestest customers emailed me the links to her new Etsy shop and blog, to show me her teeny tiny crotched baby bootees, adorned with my teeny tiny buttons!
How cute are they?
Quick links: 
for Pretty Crochet Things Etsy shop, click here
for Pretty Crochet Things Blog, click here
for teeny tiny buttons, click here


iHanna said...

Super cute buttons, don't know what I could do with them, hehe, but I sure get cravings when I see them... :-)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous booties!! another very talented lady. your buttons look very at home on them!!

Manu said...

I LOVE your teeny tiny buttons!!!
The booties with your tiny.. are so sweet!!!

Crafty in the Med said...

I am your newest follower and all the bits you have here are gorgeous just what I've been looking for

Amanda :-)