Monday, May 28, 2012

new supplies

I've just been updating the website...lots of new supplies have arrived, some are a tad Christmassey, but if recent orders are anything to go by then Christmas crafting has already started!
star shaped key rings
hair clips
mini pegs
wooden snowflakes
 multi coloured jingle bells
AND the wooden hearts are back! hooray!
Quick links:
star key rings are here
hair clips are here
wooden items are here
jingle bells are here

PS the wedding was AMAZING!  Lovely people, lovely food, very generous hosts, gorgeous weather...and a bride and groom that are so happy, and so obviously in love,  perfect!


Zethan said...

Lol so true I need to figure out what I'm making this year and start working on them.

Jessie May said...

The wooden snowflakes are really cute... oh and the jingle bells. I bought some of the wooden hearts when you last had some, but I haven't used them yet, they're too precious, I keep looking at them wondering what awesome thing I could use them for...

marta said...

I love the jingle bells. and the wooden snowflakes too. marta