Thursday, March 29, 2012

making the most of the sunshine

The view from my office window is definitely a roof top view! It all looks a little grey but it is very quiet, with all sorts of birds flying around and bathing in the rooftop puddles, and it's nice to have outside space...even if it is mostly used to walk to and from the Big Bin in the alley!!John decided that today was the day to re-use this old window box & planter that had been on the roof since I got here (we assume it was left by the previous occupiers, the only plants within were weeds) We kept one original grass/weed because the flowers are pretty and we chose some little flowering plants from the local green grocer to provide some colour, once the flowers all come out. it's nice to have some greenery to look at and look after ... the nosey seagulls made me laugh...they came to have a little look, but there's nothing for them to eat so they soon got bored!!


Anonymous said...

very nice -you need a little sun lounger out there too- need to have a little break every now and then, especially in this lovely weather we have at the mo!! Enjoy!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Just a quick hello and to say a super big thank you for my last order, super quick delivery and fabulous goodies... You never let me down... Oh and that spotty fabric... might have to get myself some of that!!!