Thursday, March 22, 2012

crazy about buttons

it's true I am crazy about buttons. There are 3 new selections of buttons that I simply must show you...they've been here for a few weeks now, patiently waiting for the Website to be finished and so they could get their moment on the blog!Polka Dot buttons now come in extra small too, all 5 sizes come in the same range of colours as all my other polka dot buttons and as usual they are all available individually.
I've added a range of Bumper Bags of Buttons...each bag has a huge 250g of buttons in it AND there are 7 colour mixes to choose from..all for just £6.50 a bag!!
I've also introduced a Pick & Mix section...there are tonnes of buttons, in loads of colours and you get to create your very own button great is that?!
Quick Links:
Bumper Button Bags are Here
Polka Dot Buttons are Here
Fantastic Pick & Mix Buttons are Here
or click Here to see every single button!!


Manu said...

♥♥♥ LOVE ♥♥♥
Sarah, please.. adopt me!!! =^__^=

M e B Artes said...

So am i!!!!!!!!!!!

Coisas de Feltro said...

OMG. love it

Anonymous said...

Buttons are fab and the colours are lovely.... have any plans to do a 250g bag of mixed colours...?

Julia said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!! But there's no white, ivory or pearly buttons - will you be adding any in the future??

Anonymous said...

I want the Ginormoue ones!! Didnt see them until after i had ordered - they've gone on my wishlist for now!!
Thanks for the ribbons - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Even, the Ginormous ones too!!!

MJ said...

I love polka dot buttons too :)

Nina BF said...

I´ve just found your blog and have to tell you it´s lovely! Really inspiring! Thank you!

Deidre del Dragón said...

I love buttons too!!

In fact... my sister present me with three boxes of your buttons this past xmas and you had to saw us analyzing every little detail of them, and "awing" to them: awww... this is so cute!!

My brother in law had the time of his life!! XD