Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my favourite kind of busy

there's lots of sewing being stitched round here at the moment...this little lot is a wholesale order for a new customer, there are 42 mini cupcakes, 20 Christmas trees and 24 Christmas puddings, all finished and ready for the postman tomorrow...tonight there are Christmas decorations & boxes to stitch...I'll be back with photos tomorrow!
a comment was left on my previous post and it contained a link to an outside site, when I clicked on it my computer (thankfully) warned me that there was malware attached to it and it wasn't safe to proceed...I have removed all traces of the comment now but I didn't do it immediately so there was an hour or so in which you may have clicked it...the comment was left by a regular blog reader and I'm sure no malice was intended...sewmbie if you read this I can't email you or leave a comment on your blog...but I didn't delete your comment because I didn't like it...just that the malware scared me!


sewmbie said...


I am so sorry about that. I honestly don't know what could have happened - I write for that website every day and have never had any malware warnings from it before!

I will bring it to the attention of the person who runs it immediately!

Thanks for letting me know :)

sewmbie said...

The paragraph mentioning you says:

"Obviously, there are crafts you can go buy in the shop. For example, paper-and-string is a lovely crafting blog and you can visit shops on eBay and folksy as well as finding her crafting kits in your local John Lewis. These can be Halloween-themed as well as geared towards other holidays and… Well, practically anything you could fancy. If you want to keep your kids busy with fun, adorable and most of all easy-to-accomplish Halloween crafts, then that’s the sort of shop you’re really looking for."

The words 'paper-and-string' link back to your blog, because I wasn't sure which shop you'd want to link to and this way people can choose which shop is best for them.

Now you don't have to worry about reading the article and hopefully people will come out and have a look at your stuff and become regular customers!