Saturday, October 22, 2011

more new goodies

button boxes with lots of new buttons...there are 11 boxes altogetherThe hard-to-find magnets have finally returned!
I've re-packaged my Christmas Ribbon mini spools AND look at my new pom pom trim!!

quick links ::

button boxes click here

magnets click here

christmas ribbon bags click here

pom pom trim click here


Anonymous said...

this is definitely the most beautiful crafty shop in the World !! :)

sew said...

I want to live there!
I planned to ask you about the heart buttons after seeing them in the box the other day and - there they are!! I must have some - and what a fab idea for them to have their own box.I am sooooo glad to have found your inspirational work and brilliant shop.

sassypackrat said...

That pom pom trim is fabulous!

Emma said...

Oh my goodness. I need to start saving!
Emma :)

Anonymous said...

fabulous! have you thought about doing a gift voucher/card? i would definately ask to have one for birthdays/xmas, then i wouldn't feel guilty about spending on craftiness when i felt like it!

Anonymous said...

Gift vouchers is a really brilliant idea

michela said...

Questi bottoni sono bellissimi, e i nastri...tutto!
Dove li posso ordinare?
Mi piacerebbe averli!

Anonymous said...

x Michela : quì trovi il negozio
scegli, butti nel carrello e alla fine si paga via paypal (quindi anche con carta di credito se non hai account paypal).
ciao ciao

Am Stram Gramm' said...

It's so beautifull !
Fabulous !

Buuwa said...

craft is one of the best way for release my stress..
i often come to this website,i like the colorful u pun inside..
thanx for the sharing PAPER n STRING!!!
u really make my day ^_^