Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Very Important Felt Announcement

I've reduced all of my felt prices!

I've committed to buy a substantial amount of felt from my suppliers to get my prices down...and I've passed on all the savings in my shops!

I've finally finished re-doing the website and all the changes & cheaper prices are there for you to see

my new price list ::

each 12" square was 85p now 75p

each 24" square was £3.25 now £2.75

half metre cut from the roll was £8.50 now £7.50

4" rainbow was £6 now £5

9" rainbow was £19 now £17.50

12" rainbow was £35 now £31.50

24" rainbow (for true felt addicts) was £140 now £115

12" square colour packs were £8.50 now £7.50

and as if that wasn't great enough...I have added mini felt rolls to my shop!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love it! Those mini felt rolls are soo sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

wooow i love mini rolls!

Manu said...

WowWowWow!!! Thank you Sarah!!!

Gillian said...

Think it might be time to stock up for Christmas crafting! Have my eye on the 12" rainbow! G

Mary Ann Tate said...

I just discovered your blog recently. I make felt mice so this is wonderful news:)

imogenshep said...

Thank you, that's brilliant news :)