Friday, August 19, 2011

turquoise & red

look at these lovely new buttons!
polka dot buttons in Turquoise & Red! I've added them to the pick-your-own selection (where each and every button is available individually) so you can pick the exact number of buttons you need for a project...and who doesn't need polka dot buttons?


Anonymous said...

Love it! :D
I absolutely adore your buttons! Look what I've made with them:

Anonymous said...

what a glorious combo!!! i will "need" these - dont know what for yet, but i want them!

Βίκυ said...

Oh, nice buttons really!!!

Jenny said...

So pretty!!!

Unknown said... could you!!!! it would be roood not to get some now.....
L x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Beautiful buttons ;-) love the iron-on flowers too. How lucky you are to be working with wonderful materials, well not just lucky, I know you've worked really hard to get there.
Anne x