Wednesday, November 03, 2010

sewing wholesale

I'm three quarters of the way through a wholesale order...I'm hoping that by the end of tonight these will all be finished too ::

it's freebie day tomorrow...I still need to to take the photos so it'll start about 6pm ish


Unknown said...

Ooh nearly forgot it is freebie day tomorrow - can't wait!! Am loving the look of the penguins your trying to finish

Bagladee said...

Blimey thats come round quick again!! Shhhheeessshh where on earth did October go???? x

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love penguins, are tey heading to your shop?

Mandy said...

My word! It feels like freebie day was yesterday! October has just flown by. Your blog has just cheered me up (having one of those really bad days at work today). All the lovely stuff you have and the bright colours always make me smile!