Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a sewing marathon

it started last night with a few hours of hand sewing

and this morning I was up bright and early and in the workshop at the sewing machine stitching away, listening to Chris Evans on Radio 2 (and Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine and a bit of Steve Wright!)

and by mid-afternoon I had 18 boxes...all made for special orders


Simo said...

Il tuo blog mi incanta ogni volta, sai fare delle cose meravigliose. Anche io amo lavorare il pannolenci, ma tu sei incredibilmente brava!

Ann said...

I love all your felt boxes. I have one of the pink tortoises myself.

Lize said...

Your a real sewingqueen! :D The boxes look great.

ClaireP said...

You are a busy little bee! Keep up he good work! (I'm so jealous you get to sew all day!)

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