Monday, September 14, 2009


I've got some days off the day job, as usual with days off I'm trying to cram a lot in, lots of workshop time, a little time away, lots of sewing & lots of relaxing.
I've spent the last three days at my workshop, working hard and finishing moving in (I'm still not all done!)
I dumped the latest car load on the floor and had no idea where to put it!!
So what to do?
Move lots of things around of course....from this :
to this ::
and from this ::
to this ::
and there's still a bit of room for even more!


Diva Kreszl said... fit alot into that spot!

Ann said...

I really think you deserve a cushion for your wooden stool rather than a pile of felt!! ;)

Maria Dent said...

I agree......... Theres still loads more room! lol, well done!

^A^ngel said...

Great Job at organizing !! Things are looking great...and you are right ...there is always room for a lil bit more fabric!! jiji
Have a wonderful day!!



Anonymous said...

Know all about THAT Fabric Shop and can't agree more.

Thought it was only me who had trouble getting served!

I think they dislike people who actually know what they want and quite clearly sew.

Many is the time I have gone in there with a bag I've made and never had any comments!!!!