Friday, September 11, 2009

makes a change

My local fabric shop is disappointing.
The staff are rude, the choice is poor and the prices are much higher than online shops.
BUT ... it is very near the Post Office. And we all know how often I go to the Post Office!

So imagine my surprise when I bought these reasonably priced, gorgeous fabrics from an almost friendly shop assistant (almost friendly means no smile, answering the phone half way through serving me and folding my lovely bundles really badly!)

All that is irrelevant though because I got Corduroy.
And polka dots.


Lesley Edmonds said...

gorgeous fabrics - love the colours.
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

i know the shop and yes they are very very rude in there!
great fabrics though!

Pomona said...

It was all worth it for the fabrics, though - they are nice colours!

Pomona x

Bagladee said...

Gorge :D xx

Ann said...

I know the shop you mean. They are a bit unfriendly!
Got my make-your-own kit today. Can't wait to stitch the flowers into brooches!

Twiggy said...

Grrr rude shop assistants!! lovely fabric though!!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Love the fabrics :)
Lucy x

Sarah said...

Lovely, really like the corduroy!

^A^ngel said...

The fabrics are really nice... so sorry you have to go through THAT to get them though... but you were a trooper!! keep on smiling ;)



Anonymous said...

God, that corduroy is GORGEOUS. Whatcha gonna make with it??

Evie said...

Cute! You can't beat polka dot!
I know exactly how you feel - my local fabric shop probably has the best selection in the city but the staff are just so horrid they ruin the whole experience and put a complete downer on my day - so I buy online instead. Which is sad because there's nothing like walking home with a nice fat bundle of fabric!

Jewellery Making said...

They don't sound the most pleasent people in the world, but I hope you have fun with the fabrics. Especially the Corduroy, looking forward to seeing your creations.