Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've been working on lots of paper-and-string things recently, lots of ordering and re-stocking, updating various web places, packing lots of orders (always the best bit!).
I've Post Office receipts exploding from various places...but which now are almost ready to be filed...but what I haven't been doing is sewing.
And that's just not right is it?
So for the last few evenings I've been picking up my needles and stitching whenever I've had a few spare minutes.

I've re-jigged my owl embellishment with some added colour and pattern on the wings.
There's nothing you can't do when you have Bondaweb in your stash!


Bagladee said...

Ooooh pretty, I like very much!! :) xx

Nia said...

The new owls are super-cute!

Nia said...
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Jackie said...

I love your new owls - the colours and patterns work really well together :O)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the polka dot one!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

they are looking great! The orange is my fave :)

Julia said...

They are very cute and hope you get more time for sewing soon! x