Monday, January 12, 2009

doughnuts & news

January sure has started with me running to keep up!
The day job has been manic, holidays and days off always make the following days harder!
I've also nearly sold out of felt...more is due any moment, along with a B.I.G. order from American crafts...oh so much ribbon is coming my way!
I haven't done a lot of crafting or blog reading either but this morning I did see a great tutorial for making felt doughnuts...


Kitty said...

I saw that tutorial too ... now safely bookmarked! Sold out of felt? You can't do that! :-O x

Jackie said...

Love the tutorial! I may just have to give it a try!!

Anonymous said...

oh! my neice would love some to go with the tea set i bought her for christmas! thanks for the linky!

get more felt quick! I need to order some ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I love the sprinkles!