Wednesday, July 30, 2008

exciting times!

For the past few weeks I have been working on a project with my sister.

I ordered in extra felt, ribbon, beads and packaging bags.

My clever sister provided the artwork, which I printed on the new printer.

She also re-drew my *awful* pictures to use as instructions, which also got printed on the new printer. (she's a clever one my sister, you know)
And the end result?

My new make-your-own kit ::

make-your-own Owl Ornaments!

Each kit contains :: pattern, illustrated instructions, felt (4 pieces), ribbon, felt ric rac, and glass beads...
They come in 5 colours and cost just £5.oo each!
They are on the website already and will be on Etsy in a short while


Anonymous said...

I've just placed an order! It was difficult choosing a colour but I managed eventually!

Anonymous said...

WOW! they look awesome! Great idea! :)

jojoebi-designs said...

yummy, so damn cute!

I have a question, how did your sister draw up the pattern pieces, I have a mermaid sewing pattern all done except for the actual pattern pieces, I tried them by hand but they look a bit shabby.

Also, there is a bit of something for you over at my pad :o)

mollycupcakes said...

What a fabulous idea sweetie, very well done and lots of luck with them. They are going to sell like hot cakes.
Will you be adding more making ideas to them? like make your own cupcakes.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Country Cottage Chic said...

They are adorable! Wish you could bring them to the bloggers handmade & vintage fair! They'd make super gifts.


Lazylol said...

Fabulous - I have just placed my order. These would make great gifts!

Jess said...

(Response: Aw thanks! :) thank you for all your great posts!!)

I LOVE THESE!! i want one so badly!! haha, i've never worked with felt before and i think this would be great for beginners like me :)

picciolo said...

Hey you put these together so quickly! They look great sisterini!

Rachel said...

How exciting! I've had my eye on the owl ornaments for a while, but how much more fun to make your own! I'll be placing an order soon! :)

Bagladee said...

gorgeous and what a clever and your sister make a great team! =) xx

Unknown said...

flippin heck, you are a clever pair, aren't you?

Unknown said...

hi, thank you so much, i ordered from your shop late wednesday and recieved my felt and owl kit about an hour ago and ive already made my first owl :) i absolutly love your shop and the inspiration i get from you and now your sister too ! as ive never used felt before these kits are exceptional value for money and easy to make. I would love to see more of these kits please especially the cupcake. im going to your shop again now to make another purchase
thanks so much
much love
emma xxx

Anonymous said...

It was great to come home from work and find a lovely parcel waiting for me - my owl kit. It's fantastic and so beautifully presented, thank you very much. I'm off to make an owl now!

Sarah and Jon said...

They are so adorable!

Ally Jay said...

I want a whole parliament of these wise things.

Unknown said...


I have al those beads for eyes but I never knew how to attach it to the plushies. it end up looking pop-out from it, unlike yours. can u share how u do that?